Hannah Wathen

Owner, Operator, Occupational Therapist, Fitness Instructor, Wellness Coach

As your coach, I use a collaborative approach to identify goals as well as patterns that work for and against you. My 10+ years as an OT have provided me with knowledge in all areas of wellness as well as how to help clients develop and adapt to new behaviors. I have worked in outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation, pediatrics, prenatal, postpartum, fitness, and mental health. My career experience combined with my own personal wellness journey have shaped the type of coach I am today; one who will celebrate and problem solve right along with you throughout your journey. It is my goal that through educating and coaching our clients, we will influence our community to choose wellness as a priority and change the image of our society's view on health.

Women Holding Hands

My Clients

My clients are motivated, well-educated, and powerful women who have a lot going on. They are CEO's, stay-at-home-moms, teachers, business owners, lawyers, and all positions in between. Be Well with Prana is a community of women looking for support and accountability. We are tired of putting ourselves last when it comes to our health and wellness. We are determined to find sustainable wellness through coaching, education, practice, and consistency. If you've spent years trying the newest diet or exercise trend only to fall off the proverbial bandwagon, try us out! We offer free 30 minute consultations where we can learn more about each other.